Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Practical Approach for Large Scale Performance Improvement

Executive strategies require a journey to a rumored destination.

The rumors almost always turn out to be true, if the organization successfully navigates the trip; too often though, the expedition falls short of the goal, or ends up someplace else.

Five stages of deployment will ensure safe arrival at the desired location.

  1. exploration - if we are going on a trip, what's it's going to be like out there?

  2. discovery - what benefits can can we expect to gain for our trouble?

  3. expedition - how will we get the entire crew there safe and sound?

  4. settlement - can we get everybody settled-in so they don't want to go back?

  5. evolution - now that we have arrived, where can we go from here?
As the questions above are answered, the strategy itself becomes better informed and more precise.

The hoshin kanri / strategy deployment process acts as a guide map for organizations blazing new ground

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