Friday, July 31, 2009

Without Hoshin Kanri, the CEO Won’t Pull the Trigger on Her Plan

A service business CEO, leading an organization with 650 employees, wants to launch a strategic initiative but isn’t ready. Something is missing from the picture. What is it?

The CEO's idea is strong - boost financial results by putting a “pay for performance” model in place for employees. Her plan ties pay to productivity, quality, and other important measures. The financial argument is solid. The design looks great –

  • it’s been skillfully crafted by an industry expert

  • it's based on a model with a proven track record

  • and it's been tailored specifically for her business

Yet, even under the pressure of a struggling economy and shrinking profits, the CEO is reluctant to pull the trigger on the plan. Why? Well, as good as the plan is, she’s just not sure it will work.

What if the employees don’t like the change and resentment leaks through to customers?

What if the project runs into difficulty after launch, who will see it through?

What if the definition of service quality that was used to construct the model is slightly off?

Will an early performance boost be followed by a downward slide in results as customers realize things “aren’t what they used to be”?

What can be done to assure the CEO her plan will be a success?

Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment, also known as Policy Deployment, is a process designed to give the CEO the confidence she needs to pull the trigger on her plan. The process framework will not only communicate and deploy her idea, but it will launch her idea on the best possible footing, then protect and safeguard her investment by testing and proving her idea will work, under controlled conditions, before she’s in too deep.

Hoshin Kanri ensures CEO’s leading their businesses into the future will arrive safely and reap well deserved rewards. Hoshin Kanri makes sailing into uncharted waters safer and less stressful. When it comes to implementing strategies for boosting business performance, it’s as close as you can get to buying piece of mind.

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