Friday, August 21, 2009

Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment, Product Development, and Lean Process Improvement Efforts

I came across the video below while doing some research. Mr. Kelley is “the founder and CEO of IDEO Product Development, America's largest independent product design and development firm. In addition to his work at IDEO Product Development, Kelley is a tenured professor at Stanford University in the school's innovative Product Design program.” (taken from his bio)

The approach he describes is by far the most successful way I have found to carry out the design and implementation of Lean process improvements. The video promotes an iterative development method which begins by putting a basic prototype in the hands of users as soon as possible. The iterative tactic represents what I find to be one of the most powerful aspects of the Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment framework. The approach emphasizes learning your way to the best solution by working in partnership with the end users (consumers). Note how he attaches the characteristic of both “speed” and “best” to the method.
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