Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lean in Healthcare – are New Leadership Methods Required?

I just read an excellent posting on the Hospital Impact blog titled New Leadership methods could propel patient-/ person-centered care by Anthony Cirillo
The article examines the idea that a shift in the leadership style of healthcare organizations may be needed to create real change in the industry. He describes how engagement and employee involvement may be essential and how getting a genuine form of participation may be difficult. Consider this quote from the posting.
“Fundamental shifts come from self-driven authentic change, driven by people empowered to do so. I think we have created the illusion of some of this in the patient-centered care arena through scripts, training around how to deliver red carpet service, etc. But all of these miss the more systemic issue; people change because they want to change. Leadership has to create that context.”
If you are interested in learning about how to create real change in the healthcare industry I encourage you to read the posting. If you are interested in a real-world example illuminating the difference between genuine employee involvement and simply the appearance of employee involvement, see my posting Healthcare Manager Swallows Bitter Lean Pill and "Likes" It