Friday, July 09, 2010

Natural Team Motivations

Here is a list of some motivations for contributing to change that people bring to work each day.

The desire to:
  • eliminate hassle from the job
  • gain new knowledge and stay current in their area of expertise
  • build new skills to maintain job security even as things change 
  • get recognized as qualified for a promotion 
  • feel good about making a difference to the company, or to coworkers, or to a larger  community
  • gain the sense of satisfaction that comes from improving quality for customers 
  • feel the sense of reward that comes from being respected by peers
  • feel the sense of pride that comes from having the boss and other business leaders say "job well done"  
Tapping into a wider scope of motivations increases participation rates which leads to a greater likelihood of achieving outstanding success.  How? When specific set of change tactics is selected for the ability to serve a broad range of motivations, a larger number of individuals become engaged in the effort to make the change successful. The increase in participation puts more information, knowledge and energy into the change effort.  This provides for increased refinement of change plans, actions and ultimately the design of the change that takes place.  This increase in refinement increases precision and boosts performance.  Change is more successful.   

Next week: keep motivations high even when problems crop up along the way.

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